This page will show you how to install the Project Virtua library onto your computer!  Please note that this currently requires Microsoft Visual Studio in order to use this library, and only supports Windows computers at the moment.

Downloading the Files

Installation Files Wiki Picture

This is what you should see when the archive is extracted

Downloading the library is simple. Just go to and click on "Get it!" and select the Project Virtua logo to start downloading. Then extract the file to your computer.


Once extracted, there will be 2 folders within the archive: "include" and "lib". "include" has all of the header files necessary to use this library, "lib" has the library files.

Installation Path

Navigate to your x86 programs directory ("C:/Program Files" on 32-bit machines and "C:/Program Files (x86)" on 64-bit machines). Once there, navigate to your Visual Studio installation path. These are as follows for the different versions of Visual Studio:

Visual Studio 2010

"Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0" Full path currently: "C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0" or "C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0"

Visual Studio 2013

"Microsoft Visual Studio 12" Full path currently: "C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 12" or "C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 12"

Finally, open up the VC folder within this directory. This is where we will do the next 2 steps.

Installing the Header Files

To install the header files, simply copy the "include" folder from the download to this directory.

Installing the Library Files

To install the library files, simply copy the "lib" folder from the download to this directory.

Including the Library in a Project

To add the library to your project, simply go to your project's properties, then click on "Linker", then click "Input". Place "pvd.lib" in "Additional Dependencies" for the debug configuration and "pv.lib" in "Additional Dependencies" for the release configuration. This is the core functionality for interfacing with the Oculus Rift and Microsoft Kinect systems. If you would like additional support, add "pvmmd.lib" to the debug 

Project Additional Includes Wiki Picture

This is what your "Additional Includes" section should look like.

configuration and "pvmm.lib" to the release configuration. This is the Project Virtua Middleman Library, which will provide a window and some OpenGL functions. Finally, include the following header files within your project:

#include "pv/OculusRift.h"

#include "pv/OpenGL.h"

If you would like to use the window system from the middleman library, also include this header:

#include "pv/windowSystem.h"

Then you are all set to start using the project!

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